For all Miata lovers out there this is a blog that promises you details of this particular make of the Mazda and updates on current models. Those who are alien to Miatas, this is a particular loved version of Mazda MX-5 which was launched as Mazda MX-5 Miata in America. The same model was launched in Japan as Eunos Roadster. It was originally manufactured in Hiroshima, Japan in Mazda production factories. This particular model was launched in 1989 at the famed Auto Show in Chicago.

There is much to love about this car, it is a lightweight and a two-seater model which comes with a front engine and has a rear wheel drive design. These cars were originally designed as roadsters which have minimal complexities as far as car mechanics go as well as have light weight bodies that satisfy road safety and legal requirements.

At the time MX-5 was launched it was considered a revolution, a step up from the sports car models made by British companies in the fifties and sixties. The inspiration of Miata can be found in models like MG MGA, Lotus Elan, Austin-Healey 100, Triumph Spitfire and others. The second generation models that were launched were the MX-5 (NB). This model was launched in the year 1998 while the third generation, was found in the markets by 2005. It still rules the market after its fourth generation version was released in 2015. There are about one million MX-5s that are found all over the world today. The blog articles here discuss the different features which make Miata unique and the latest model offerings.