The 2017 Miata MX-5 Boasts Of Intuitive Technology

If you are a driving enthusiast and want to buy an attractive looking and neat roadster for your city and highway rides, then there is no better option than the 2017 Mazda Miata MX-5. This car has won the hearts of many people in America and Canada and is gaining more and more popularity every passing month. There are no shortcuts to the Miata MX-5. The car is loaded with out of the world safety technology to offer you great control, precision, and driving quality on all kinds of roads. There is great emphasis on safety of the driver and the passengers and this is evident with the use of i-Activsense technology.

Miata MX-5

The i-Activsense technology features

This is the latest type of safety technology that will sense the environment on which the vehicle is automatically. It will be able to sense the night lighting as well as the closeness of the MX-5 with other vehicles. The driver gets the right indications about the hazards in front of them and will help in reducing the severity of the accidents.

  •         Mazda Radar Cruise Control (MRCC)

The cruise control settings of the Miata MX-5 are automatically corrected by maintaining a safe distance between the car and the cart in front of it. My friend, whos works for a Vancouver junk removal company, was one of the first to get this car. This is done by monitoring the speed of the vehicle in front of the car and adjusting the cruise control settings.

  •         Smart Brake Support (SBS)

Detects the obstacles and vehicles in front of the car at least 200 meters ahead and helps in avoiding or reducing collisions at mid to high speeds.

  •         Blind Spot Monitoring System (BSM)

The radar sensors are used to detect the blind spots to the left and right of the car and will alert of the blind spot with a warning light that will be seen in the respective side mirror.

  •         Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS)

This feature offers added night time light illumination by moving about 15 degrees in the direction at which you are turning to help you spot the hazards ahead.

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